iMob tips: How to make BIG money in iMob.

Instead of investing your money in realestate and completing missions, fighting other iMobbers is another way to make money. In fact it’s the most efficient way to make big money and leveling. I got my first shopping Plaza when I was in level 15 while most of the level 15 players are struggling to buy a restaurant. Here are couples tips that will make you iMob rich.

  1. Make sure you have enough Health and Stm.
  2. Go to Home -> Fight list.
  3. Choose an player who is in the same level as you are and has less Mobsters than you.
  4. Don’t click Attack. Instead click View to see the player profile.
  5. Check the properties the player own. If the player have a lot of high price properties, he/she will be your potential customer. : )  Click Attack .
  6. If you win and gain a large amount of  money from the fight, click CLOSE. Don’t click on Go to Don.
  7. If you lose or didn’t gain much money from the fight, go back to fight list to find your next victim. :p
  8. After you click CLOSE, you will be brought back to the profile page of the same player.
  9. Keep attacking the player and you will win as you just did and gain similar amount of money from the player.
  10. Keep doing so until the player is in E.R. or until you are out of stamina.
  11. You can gain as high as 70,000 for multiple times!!

  12. Don’t forget to buy more weapons and vehicles. The more the better! It’s all worthy when you hit jackpot!!

iMob player


50 Responses to “iMob tips: How to make BIG money in iMob.”

  1. I agree, along with my huge mob.

  2. Fracking Suit Says:
  3. Baerchen Says:


  4. josh b. Says:

    hahaha level 15 struggling to buy a resturant? im level 15 and i have 2 casinos, 11 motels, 4 night clubs, and a few resturants. and some other stuff. my income is $2,000,000/hour!

  5. add me 129146845

  6. Honey ;) Says:


  7. Cool. Get other cool iMOB tips at the forum

  8. ADD

  9. 132 213 951 Says:

    Thanks for the info. Everyone please add me 132 213 951

  10. Very true, thats what I do!

    I am level 85, and have over 9,000 Mob members.

    SOOO Close to 10,000 guys…

    Add me and get the maximum protection of over 9,000 Mob members!

    # 163-480-515

  11. for real
    and add me!

  12. don familian Says:

    add me 153-233-885

  13. Shiver130 Says:

    Wicked, it works!! Thank you!

  14. nethshit Says:

    ok..if u make 2Mil and ur at level 15, u obiviously either cheated or used real money to get Don’s respect.
    If u got ur money by attacking u’d level up faster. so bottom line is – ur sick.

  15. That worked amazingly!! Thanks

  16. this is lagit stuff and my income is about 80,000,000 and i need some more mob members so add 145027116 i have 41 members now and could use some more

  17. chanceva Says:

    add 170104241

  18. Sitiluso Says:

    It sort of works but because they are rich they have more/better weapons for they’re level cos they can afford em

  19. josh b should be ‘marked’ for being a cocky fuck

  20. It works! Also my friend code is 165783595

  21. Dannberry Says:

    loll i got a lot from a bounty, even though he had more mobsters, when i lost i still got hte money O.o the bounty was 2bil so i got over 15 bil, bought a lot of casinos and now i get 55mil/hr

  22. For real I have 2 billon and I’m at level 20 add me at 130114237 for 100 mill

  23. mercury90 Says:

    im a level 27 and i make $ 26,318,900 every 54 minutes lol i have 46 casinos and 75 nightclubs and 35 shopping plazas

  24. Capodilutti Says:

    Works great!!

  25. 101-565-623

  26. Haha LOL I’m lvl 22 and own 450 shopping plazas 250 nightclubs 50 casinos and my cash flow is 92mil every hour hahaha LOL

  27. 119087063

  28. yaaaay it works! thank you! add me pls. 🙂 189-347-939

  29. Javi Baby Says:

    add me 192898062

  30. Suckitnoobs753!!! Says:

    Imob sucks play mafia live it is way more fun! Imob is just gay!!!I’m lvl 59 and make $102,000,000 an hour!! For you guys/gerls that play imob google imob famalies and write down the codes. Then enter them every member gets you better so never not take someone. Make sure you save to buy the best guns and cars. And then ATTAČK ÂTTÇK ĄTTÄČK!!!

  31. does anyone know the codes for rhino tanks or laser scopes. Or are those bought

  32. this is a long process brother no offence ,if u do this u wont earned lots of money quick..Best things is to cheats mate


  33. Blitzteh Says:

    add 186-414-896 …… please i accept friends request quick

  34. i am level 85 just reach 1 trillion dollars i make 50 billion an hour add me 130401169

  35. Thanks for the tip! ADD 204 760 759 for more tips.

  36. Imobber rules Says:

    hahaha struggling for resturant? Im lvl 13 with 7 bed and breakfast, 4 resturants, and 3 duplexes

  37. Hotshot Says:

    ok well,,, tahts a good start but…….. im level 15 and have 102mil i make 3m per hour and thats cause i invested in something small and just let the money stack up.

  38. Evicted Says:

    Lmao! I agree with josh b, I’m in level 5 and I have 35 shopping plazas, 12 motels and I’m about 100 million shy of buying 10 casinos, no cheats. I could buy 8 casinos right now. All you have to do is buy the properties in 10’s so you get all of them for the lowest price.

  39. Evicted Says:

    And if you want to join my mob my code is 179083413.

  40. Massive mob Says:

    lmao ok im lvl 18… i did not cheat just i waited… i make 92,000,000million every 54 minutes all cause of properties so do not tell us that buying them is a bad idea

  41. Add 168 912 527

  42. It is better to do bounty kills. I got a bounty kill at level 13 for 630,000,000
    I have 10 casino, 18 nightclubs, 7 shoppping plazas, 1 motel, 1 fast food franchise, 1 bed and breakfast, 5 sea lots, 2 uptown districts andI win 4,950,000/hour as an income
    add me 210 317 961

  43. lvl 20 with 1000 shopping plazas
    653 night clubs
    61 casinos

    owned you…

  44. I’m level 17 and I own 122 shopping plazas and 11 night clubs LOL

  45. I make 13850000 an hour 🙂

  46. 222409409 Says:

    Agree my jackpot was a hit with 24 000 000 000. I’m lever 13 own everthing incl 20 casinos

  47. 222409408 Says:

    Sorry code was wrong

  48. 222409408 Says:

    It’s the way to start. But check your hit list you might just get lucky. I Got one hit 25000000000. Bought 20 casinos 500 suv and i’m on lever 13

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